reputation measurement - the perfect set piece?

The Trequartista squad is made up of media relations specialists, analysts, journalists, public affairs consultants, researchers and general grafters. We build the perfect starting 11 so-to-speak. Our insight reports present an in-depth analysis of a business’ reputation amongst all its key stakeholder groups, including journalists, politicians, customers, general consumers, staff, suppliers and anyone else a business reaches through its communications channels. You will finally be able to measure the impact of your communications strategy.

Stakeholder mapping

Trequartista will work with the business to determine who its stakeholders are, including consumers, media, competitors, political/ public figures, customers, staff, suppliers and potential employees.

The Analysis

Trequartista will then carry out quant and qual research amongst those stakeholders using the various tools at our disposal. Timings (and cost) depends on number of interviews

Insight Report

Trequartista will develop a full, written and digital-download-ready report outlining the findings, and presenting the brand with its current reputation score.

Measurement Updates

Trequartista offers update reports on a quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis to measure against any KPIs set.

Strategic Implementation

Where required, Trequartista will carry out agreed strategies across PR, Internal and Client Comms to ensure we are moving the dial in the right direction amongst all key stakeholders.

Strategic Recommendations

Using the insight, we will make suggestions across messaging, media focus points, any negative sentiments to mitigate against, staff/ client desires and remedial work as required.

Our Reputation Measurement services are available direct or as an additional service for agencies to offer their clients - either white labelled or under the Trequartista name.

Sounds Good?