We may have already put a post on LinkedIn, but thought it may be wise to explain a little more about the agency and the role we have on offer.

What we need is a PR person with established media relations and a track record of delivering results for corporate clients. Ideally those clients will be spread across financial services businesses as well as sport and lifestyle, but honestly, it’s not a total deal-breaker.

The candidate needs to be able to write strong copy and all that jazz, but the main strength is that ability to land coverage. It’s what we’re all about – we graft, we charm, we convince. We make stories interesting to the media and then we proudly send that coverage to the client before trying to do it again. And again.

To that end, the individual can be an experienced comms pro with many years of experience and relationships built up over time, or it could be someone more junior with a selection of contacts and the right mentality to deliver the results. Either way, you get paid the same thing per month, whether it takes you the full month or a few days.

We don’t expect you to be working tirelessly, or indeed just for us. You can do the work in a manner and a time that suits you.  We’ll pay a good monthly fee no matter what. 

We want a freelancer who loves to see their client in the press and simply won’t stop until they do so.

Our pipeline of new business is strong, so the more work we get, the better results you deliver, the more money you earn, but our mentality will remain the same.


Who we have worked with

Like any good Trequartista, we can operate and get results in any team. Our roots may well be predominantly in financial services, both institutional and retail, but our client roster includes clients from real estate to rugby, crypto to cleaning, football to food production, legal to learning, sponsorship to skincare and a whole host of other industries we could list in such alliterative fashion. Fashion to fitness in fact.